Terms and Conditions

For the purposes of your travel reservation with Iconic/ Iconic Club, The Company is Surest Ltd.

1. The Company as agent. Please note that The Company (t/a Iconic Club) acts as a booking agent. The Company does not itself provide hotel accommodation, rail travel, theatrical performances or other travel and holiday related activities. The contract for the provision of these services is with the service providers.

2. Reservations. Reservations are not confirmed until you receive an Iconic Club Reservation reference that commences with 'B' (not an Enquiry or Request number) by Email, telephone or fax. The Company accepts no liability for people who arrive at our hotel accommodation before receipt of this reservation number.

3. Cancellations and alterations. If you need to cancel or change your accommodation and provide The Company with 3 working days’ notice (Monday to Friday) we will not charge any cancellation fee (except Hidden Gem™ and Secret Hotel cancellations/ alterations, Theatre Break cancellations/ alterations and other hotel exceptions noted on our booking pages. See separate cancellations and alterations terms below). Cancellations or changes made within 2 working days of the original arrival date at the accommodation will incur the full discount value of the first night's stay. As these cancellation terms are strictly applied, The Company advises guests to obtain personal travel insurance covering their hotel accommodation. Some hotel reservation and cancellation policies differ from The Company’s general hotel policy. Such exceptions are clearly marked on all relevant website pages. Hidden Gem™ and Secret Hotel cancellations and alterations will incur the value of the first night's stay if cancelled within 2 working days of the arrival date. (Please note that Hidden Gems™ and Secret Hotels that are offered with Advanced Purchase rates or as part of a Theatre Break, Rail break or other package booking, are not refundable as this is a strict clause of all hotels' Advanced Purchase rates and The Company’s package terms) Theatre Break, Rail break and other package cancellations and alterations incur a 100% cancellation charge if cancelled or amended at any time after payment is made with the exception of some rail fares which are cancellable and refundable in part or whole subject to the rail ticket conditions. Advanced Purchase rates are special discounted rates only available for advance bookings. The reservation terms and conditions for Advanced Purchase rates differ from The Company’s normal policy: no refunds are available for any cancellations or changes. Additionally, sometimes the room type states 'Db/Tw' or 'Double/ Twin'. This means a double or a twin room is assigned at the hotel. The hotel will try to accommodate each guest's preference but this is not guaranteed. Hotels with separate cancellation and amendment policies. Some hotels have cancellation and amendment policies that differ from The Company’s normal policy. Such exceptions, when applicable, are described on the 'Your Hotel Booking' page before payment is made and confirmed on the booking confirmation.

4. Complaints. The Company has made every reasonable effort to ensure the freshness, quality and value of your accommodation. In the event of a complaint, guests may contact The Company during their stay at the hotel and we will do our utmost to assist you. However, ultimately we cannot accept liability for guest dissatisfaction with a hotel. The Company cannot assist guests who first submit complaints after departing the hotel accommodation.

5. Information and photographs. Much of the accommodation information provided on our web site and by our reservation centre is supplied by each hotel. Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that all information provided online, by telephone and facsimile is accurate, The Company cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions it may inadvertently contain. It is the responsibility of the hotel chain and/or the individual property to ensure the accuracy of the photographs displayed. The Company is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the photographs.

6. Price Pledge. The Price Pledge applies to existing The Company hotel-only reservations (not breaks or any package involving additional services). The price pledge requires that a lower competitive discount price is available for the same hotel, room type, date and identical board basis (B&B or Room only) with all taxes included. Application must be made to The Company within 48 hours of your purchase and at least 3 working days before the first date of stay. The Company reserves the right to either refund the difference or cancel your booking at no charge and refund its full discount value.

7. Availability. Confirmations are made by The Company on the basis of availability information supplied by hotels. In the unlikely event that The Company is advised by a hotel, for any reason, that a room is not available after The Company has issued confirmation to a guest, The Company reserves the right to cancel the reservation with a full refund to the guest. Under such circumstances The Company’s liability is limited to the payment received for the accommodation booked via The Company and now being cancelled. This liability does not extend to travel commitments or other costs. In such an event we would naturally do all we can to offer alternative but equivalent accommodation.

8. Hotel Reservations. The Company professionally places reservations at selected hotels in accordance with instructions received from guests. In the unlikely event of an error between The Company and a hotel that leads to a mistake or omission in the reservation of guest accommodation, The Company will do its utmost to resolve the error and provide the required accommodation or, in agreement with the guest, comparable accommodation. The Company’s liability is limited to the payment received for the accommodation booked via The Company. The Company’s liability does not extend to travel commitments or other costs.

9. Room requests (incl. smoking rooms and disabled rooms). It is important to note that certain room requirements can only be requested by The Company and are not guaranteed by all hotels. Aspects of your accommodation that can be requested but not guaranteed are: smoking rooms (which is strongly requested when specified on your reservation submission but cannot be guaranteed), triple rooms with 3 separate beds (all triple rooms will provide beds for 3 people but some hotels may deem a room with a double and single bed a triple room), particular room positions within a hotel such as rooms with a view or rooms on a particular floor. The Company will endeavour to meet all such requests but can accept no liability if a hotel fails to meet a request. If you require a room with disabled facilities please submit your booking request by telephoning The Company on 0800 633 8000 (+44 1872 261 100).

10. Privacy policy. Please see www.hoteldirect.co.uk/privacy.htm

11. Currencies. In order to place your hotel reservation, The Company takes full payment at the time of booking. The Company accepts payment in £Sterling, Euros and $US Dollars at unbeatable rates in each currency. Our website will automatically present the hotel prices in your own local currency but should you wish to change this please select your currency of choice from the options at the bottom or top of all pages showing pricing. If you would prefer to speak to one of our Expert Advisors please phone the number at the top of this page.

12. Disputes. Any dispute or claim against The Company shall be governed by English law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of English courts.

13. Hotel vouchers. Hotel vouchers must be redeemed through The Company by telephoning 0800 633 8000 (Outside UK: +44 1872 261 100). Vouchers must be redeemed as part or in total payment for a reservation at a hotel that is listed and available on www.hoteldirect.co.uk. The hotel voucher has no cash redemption value and cannot be exchanged for further hotel vouchers. Hotel Voucher Points cannot be redeemed against a hotel booking. Voucher points must first be 'cashed in' against a hotel voucher. The hotel voucher must be redeemed in full on a single hotel booking. No balance is payable or transferable. If the hotel reservation value exceeds the value of the hotel voucher, the balance must be paid by credit or debit card at the time of booking. For some hotel bookings it is necessary for The Company to take payment at the price listed on hoteldirect.co.uk and at the same time refund the redeemed voucher value to a customer's credit or debit card. On such occasions the customer will be forewarned. All normal HotelDirect.co.uk Terms and conditions apply. The hotel voucher must be redeemed by placing a reservation within 18 months of the issue date. This does not affect the booked date of arrival.

14. Packages (including Theatre Breaks, Rail breaks and any product where a hotel and tickets are booked together). As stated under Term 3, 'Cancellations and alterations', theatre break, rail break and other package cancellations or alterations incur a 100% cancellation charge if cancelled or altered at any time after payment is made with the exception of some rail fares which are cancellable and refundable in part or whole subject to the rail ticket conditions. Hotel Direct has no liability for the cancellation of a train, a show or other event or the non-appearance of any particular cast member in a theatrical performance or event. In the unlikely event that a show or event is cancelled Hotel Direct will provide a refund for the show or event value which will be calculated by subtracting the hotel/ hotel & rail cost presented on hoteldirect.co.uk from the full price of the booked theatre break. In the event of the cancellation of a booked train the Train Operating Company is responsible for offering alternative travel arrangements. Hotel Direct has no responsibility for the fulfilment of the booked train service and disputes regarding the train service must be taken up with the relevant Train Operating Company.

15. Rail packages. If railcards are used to book a rail package, passengers must travel in possession of the submitted railcards. If a train is delayed or cancelled and customers wish to apply for a refund within National Rail guidelines, tickets must be retained and will be required for the application for a refund. Children under 5 travel free of charge but will not receive a ticket nor be allocated a seat. Hotel Direct customers are required to travel with proof of their package booking (ie. the Hotel Direct confirmation email) which may be required for inspection during the journey by the Train Operating Company. Normally allowed on the return journey of Off-Peak tickets, but is often not allowed on the outward journey, check with the Train Operator if you want to break your journey. Where it is necessary to change trains break of journey is allowed to continue the journey.

16. Value Added Tax and City Tax. Any applicable UK VAT is included in our prices. Hotel Direct operates within the Tour Operators' Margin Scheme and bookings placed with hotels contracted by Hotel Direct fall under the Value Added Tax (Tour Operators) Order 1987. Under this Order we are required to supply our VAT number and to state "This is a Tour Operators' Margin Scheme supply" but we are not permitted to separate out VAT. A small proportion of our reservations are placed via an intermediate who does not operate within the UK VAT scheme. No VAT details can therefore be supplied on these reservations. Any such bookings are either flagged on our booking pages and confirmation emails or will be booked under the sub-domain, world.hoteldirect.co.uk or under the domain name travelnow.com. If you have a requirement for a VAT receipt for your reservation please contact Hotel Direct on 0800 633 8000 prior to booking. At Hotel Direct we endeavour to include all taxes and service charges in our prices. However, for Rome bookings, the Municipality of Rome charges a small city tax of 4 Euro per person per night (6 Euro pppn for 4 and 5 star hotels) to improve city services. This can only be levied locally at the hotel. Children under 10 years and days in excess of 10 are exempt. The authorities in Barcelona levy a tourist tax of 0.90 Euro per person per day (maximum 7 day charge) which is payable at the hotel on arrival and cannot be included in our room rates. A minority of Paris hotels also insist on charging the Paris City tax of 1.20 Euro to 1.80 Euro per person per night locally. If this is not already included in our price it will be stated on our hotel details.

17. Hotel Direct Loyally Rewards. Hotel Direct Loyalty Rewards are earned each time a booking is made on hoteldirect.co.uk or through our customer service centre. It is a financial credit attributed to a customer's email address and redeemable against any future booking that has not yet been paid for. Hotel Direct Loyalty Rewards are not transferable for cash nor redeemable against any purchase other than a future hotel, theatre break or rail break reservation via the booking services of hoteldirect.co.uk. A refund cannot be made against existing reservations that have already been paid for. A small number of hotel rates are supplied by third parties who are not part of the Hotel Direct Loyalty Rewards program. Hotel Direct Loyalty Rewards cannot be redeemed against any such reservations. To remain part of The Company’s Loyalty Rewards program an individual must consent to receiving emails so that we can send email notification of the credit built up and a website link that allows it to be redeemed online. In the event that an individual does not consent to receiving emails or unsubscribes from our emails, in line with our Privacy Policy that individual's personal data will also be removed from the Loyalty Rewards program and they will lose access to any credit previously built up. Loyalty Rewards must be used within a 5 year period of a customer's last booking with Hotel Direct as our Privacy Policy requires personal data including any credit balance to be removed from our system when there has been no active customer relationship for 5 years. In the event of a cancellation or change of booking where a refund is due the refund will not include the free credit provided by Hotel Direct but will only include the proportion of the monies paid by the customer which qualify under the terms of the reservation for refund. Hotel Direct Loyalty Rewards are only redeemable by the individual whose email address has been used in placing the reservations against which the credit has been awarded. Any unauthorised use of Hotel Direct Loyalty Rewards by any other party or other individual is not permitted and will result in a cancellation of related bookings and removal of all free credit. Hotel Direct Loyalty Rewards cannot be transferred to another party or individual. More than one Loyalty Rewards account cannot be redeemed against any one booking. Hotel Direct reserves the right to remove credit from any party who is deemed to have abused or attempted to abuse the program. Hotel Direct reserves the right to cancel any booking made using Hotel Direct credit if a clear error has been made and in so doing The Company’s liability and the refund due is limited to the payment made by the customer and will not include the free credit amount. Under such circumstances liability is not accepted for travel or other related costs or for the cost of alternative accommodation.

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