The May Fair hotel adopts its name from the 17th century annual summer fair granted by James II. Later this exclusive district of London combined the words to create the modern ĎMayfairí but the hotel celebrates the origin nomenclature.

The Royal connection has been part of the hotelís heritage throughout its inception and history. In 1927 the May Fair hotel was opened by King George V and Queen Mary. Itís been a magnet for Londonís high society ever since attracting the rich and famous, world renowned musicians and Hollywood Stars. Today the hotel is the official host to London Fashion Week and the British Film Institute.

At the start of this century the hotel underwent a huge £75 million development. Every room was transformed and new wings and floors added. Today the transformed May Fair hotel is a sumptuous, modern effusion of glass, leather, marble and gold leaf. Loosing none of its heritage and sense of luxury but now enjoying every modern comfort, light and space that technology of the 21st century can afford.